Fierce Factor - Organization

Directions: Move the slider to the number that most closely represents your organization's tendency (0 = the description on the left is most accurate, 10 = the description on the right is most accurate)
Focus on activities. On reasons why it is not possible to reach individual or team goals. Stalled initiatives.
Focus on results. Deep-seated accountability. Initiatives executed.
Beating around the bush, dancing around the subject, skirting the issues. No one engages. Nothing changes.
Naming and addressing the issues truthfully and effectively. Impetus for change.
An "us versus them", "me versus you" culture. Politics, turf wars, competition for resources and attention.
High levels of alignment, collaboration and partnership across functions in service to the organization’s goals.
A culture of terminal "niceness." Avoiding or working around problem employees. Tolerating mediocrity.
Effectively confronting attitudinal, performance or behavioral issues. Enhanced performance.
Leaders overwhelmed by the complexity of their tasks. Everything is a priority. Micromanaging versus leading.
Timely resolution of periodic leadership challenges. Clear priorities. Effective coaching and delegation.
Original thinking is happening elsewhere. Sleepwalking through the manual.
Shared enthusiasm for agility, innovation and risk taking. Shared standards of performance.
A relationship with employees based primarily on an exchange of time and talent for a pay check. Low engagement scores.
A relationship with employees based on passion for the organization’s goals and a genuine connection with customers and co-workers. High engagement scores.
Most meetings are pointless, a waste of time. They are attended by the usual suspects who say what they always say. Nothing new or useful emerges.
Most meetings tackle our most pressing issues. Create shifts in thinking and confidence that we can take our organization where it needs to go.
Information starved, need-to-know culture
Open, transparent, inclusive culture